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ACH Services & Direct Deposit

Manage everyday payments and fund collections easily and efficiently.

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ach services and direct deposit

ACH Services & Direct Deposit

This convenient, affordable solution allows you to process transactions electronically so your money moves at the speed of your business. You can use ACH services in your Digital Banking account and mobile app to create one-time payments and to create templates to automate routine payments. Payments are transactions you create to pay or collect funds.

Same-Day ACH

Make expedited ACH payments on the same day they are drafted or approved. Our team will help set up your account and discuss the guidelines to follow.

ACH Templates

Templates help you reduce error rates, delegate tasks, and control regular payments.Templates make it easy for you to set up and use repetitive payments, including:

  • Payments to vendors and suppliers
  • Collections from customers
  • Direct deposit payments (does not include payroll management such as deductions or tax reporting)

Direct Deposit & Payment Collections

You can submit direct deposits or collect payments from others with the one-time or recurring ACH payments. Templates can be set up to create efficiencies in processing your payments.

Additional Features

  • Magnifi Financial’s industry-leading multi-factor authentication ensures secure electronic delivery
  • Account alerts inform you about transfers, payments, and other transactions
  • Payments are processed with ACH (Automated Clearing House), eliminating paper checks, improving efficiency and cash flow management
  • Avoid the possibility of fraud as a result of stolen or altered paper checks
Subject to approval guidelines

Transaction Types

Each user has access to different Transaction Types. Depending on your account configuration, the available types can include some or all of the following:

  • ACH PassThru: Upload a complex NACHA-format file that includes multiple batches or non-standard SEC codes
  • ACH Payment: Send funds to multiple recipients through the ACH network
  • ACH Single Payment: Send funds to a single recipient through the ACH network
  • ACH Collection: Collect funds from multiple recipients
  • ACH Single Receipt: Collect funds from a single recipient
  • Payment from File: Import a list of recipients and amounts from a CSV file or import a balanced NACHA format file to create an ACH batch.
  • Direct Deposit: Send funds to multiple recipients through the ACH Network. Optionally split the total payment to each recipient between multiple accounts.
  • Domestic Wire: Send a wire transfer to a recipient in the United States
  • International Wire: Send a wire transfer to a recipient in another country

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