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Digital Switch Kit

Powered by ClickSWITCH™

Our Digital Switch Kit takes the stress and complexity out of switching accounts to Magnifi.

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Simplifi the Switch

Switching your accounts from your former financial institution shouldn't be stressful. At Magnifi, we're happy to say we have a solution to make the process a breeze, removing the barriers that make the idea of switching financial institutions a hassle. 


Direct Deposit Switch

Automate the process of switching your direct deposits so you can access your money faster.

Payments Switch

Easily update payment information for a myriad of vendors  to be paid from your Magnifi account.

Card Swap

Update your card on file wherever you pay - subscription and streaming services, shopping sites, and more.


As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Follow these three steps to get started with Digital Switch Kit. You'll be receiving your direct deposits into your Magnifi account in no time!
  • 1

    Launch Digital Switch Kit

    Navigate to Services --> Digital Switch Kit
    in the Digital Banking menu.

    Launch Digital Banking

  • 2

    Select Your Switch

    The Digital Switch Kit makes it easy to switch direct deposits, online payments and cards used with online vendors.

  • 3

    Search For The Company

    Whether its an employer or company you make a payment online to, start typing their name and select it to continue.

    If you can't locate your company,
    create a new depositor or payee.

Still looking for the manual paper form process? You can find the steps and forms here.


Note for joint accounts

A Digital Banking login reflects the primary account holder's information. This means that any switches made with the Digital Switch Kit will reflect the information of the primary account holder and not for a joint account holder. Joint account holders can utilize our standard switch kit or open a new account as the primary account holder, and create a new digital banking login for that account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Our Digital Switch Kit is powered by ClickSWITCH, an automated account switching solution that revolutionizes the way your account holders are able to set up direct deposit. It automates, streamlines, and simplifies the process of submitting new account information for direct deposits. ClickSWITCH quickly, safely, and efficiently switches account holders' direct deposits from their old accounts at other financial institutions to their new Magnifi accounts.

  • Anytime. The Digital Switch Kit can be used anytime a member needs to change the direct deposit information or online payment information to/from their Magnifi account.

  • Members can switch their direct deposits, online payments and cards used for online purchases with just a few clocks. When moving their direct deposit to Magnifi from a different financial institution, they can also initiate the closure of their previous bank or credit union accounts.

  • ClickSWITCH only requests and stores the minimal amount of data required to complete a switch. This information consists of the same details you would see on a blank check. In addition to the user’s name, address, bank account, and routing number, their phone number and email address are also collected.

  • For the member, submitting a switch can take as little as about 90 seconds. The length of time it takes for a switch to be fully processed depends on a variety of factors between the depositor and your financial institution, but it ranges from an near instantaneous switch to a few short days.

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