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Board of Directors

The Magnifi Financial Board of Directors is made up of members who oversee the management and direction of the organization. 
The Supervisory Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Board and Management of Magnifi Financial Credit Union meet financial reporting objectives and that practices and procedures are in place to safeguard members’ assets.  

Learn more below about serving as a Board or Supervisory Committee member for Magnifi Financial.

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Board and Supervisory Committee Information

Pursuant to its bylaws, Magnifi Financial Credit Union may open its board election cycle each year to consider candidates to serve on its Board of Directors or Supervisory Committee (depending on open positions in the upcoming year). Board of Director service is for a three-year term by nomination, and Supervisory Committee service is a three-year term appointed by the Board of Directors.

The documents below outline information about Magnifi Financial Board Directors or Supervisory Committee Members.

We're currently not accepting applications for the Board or Supervisory Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Supervisory Committee, please fill out the Contact Us form to learn more or fill out the Candidate Application.

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Annual Meeting

View more information about the Annual Meeting, including dates, minutes, reports, and more.

Current Board Members

Information is current as of 2/15/2024

Board of Directors

Steve Danzl, Chair

Marty Mahowald, Vice Chair

Jim Gondringer, Treasurer

Luke Godzala, Secretary

Mark Meyer, Board Member

Fred Fleischhacker, Board Member

Marvin Hinnenkamp, Board Member

Lori Nissen, Board Member

Supervisory Committee

Michelle Hudak, Chair

Josh Krupke, Supervisory Committee Member

Jonathan Olmscheid, Supervisory Committee Member

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