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5.20% APY for a 13-month Certificate

Secure an incredible rate now and add on optional deposits later.

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5.15% APY for 9, 14, or 21 month certificate.
*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APY is effective as of May 30, 2023. $5,000 minimum original opening balance required. To be eligible for the 5.20% APY rate, 50% of the opening balance must be new money to Magnifi Financial. If less than 50% new money, a rate of 4.40% APY applies. Two additional deposits are optional during the 13-month term; $5,000 minimum per additional deposit and $50,000 maximum combined. Additional deposits must be new money to Magnifi Financial. The promotional certificate maximum is $250,000 per member, which includes the sum of the additional deposits. The 13-month promotional certificate will roll into a standard 12-month certificate at renewal. Penalty for early withdrawal. $5 membership share required. Certain restrictions may apply. Municipalities do not qualify. IRA funds do not qualify. Limited time offer. Not valid with any other offers. Insured by NCUA.

Invest your money in a certificate and earn higher dividends while having peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.

  • 3-60 month terms available with fixed, competitive interest rates
  • Earns higher dividends than a savings account
  • Automatically renewable
  • Dividends compound monthly
  • $500 minimum deposit at account opening
  • Open a new certificate totally online through your digital banking account or from the palm of your hand on the Magnifi Financial mobile app

Calculate Your Savings

Initial Investment (optional):
Deposit Frequency:
Deposit Amount:
Annual Interest Rate:
Number of Years:
Future Value:
Interest Earned:

*Calculator provides general estimations only. Inconsistencies may occur with the use of the calculator and the outcomes are not credit guarantees. For specific payment and interest information, please contact us.

Certificate vs. Savings

What savings method is best for you?

Choose a Certificate if...

  • You want to lock in a great rate for a set period of time
  • You're OK with not accessing your money for that set period of time
  • You understand there's a withdrawal fee if you do need to withdraw funds
  • You're ready to earn more interest than a regular savings account

Choose a Savings account if...

  • You want the ability to access your funds without an early-withdrawal fee
  • You're OK with a lower interest rate
  • You want to use the account for overdraft protection on your checking account
Earn more interest with certificates

Certificate Rates

Effective Date 8/11/2023

Account Term $500-$24,999 $25,000-$49,999 $50,000-$99,999 $100,000-$149,999 $150,000+
3 Month
  Dividend Rate 1.785%


1.884% 1.933% 2.031%
  Annual Percentage Yield 1.80% 1.85% 1.90% 1.95% 2.05%
6 Month
  Dividend Rate 3.203% 3.251% 3.300% 3.348% 3.445%
  Annual Percentage Yield 3.25% 3.30% 3.35% 3.40% 3.50%
9 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.570% 2.618% 2.667% 2.716% 2.765%
  Annual Percentage Yield 2.60% 2.65% 2.70% 2.75% 2.80%
12 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.862% 2.911% 2.960% 3.008% 3.105%
  Annual Percentage Yield 2.90% 2.95% 3.00% 3.05% 3.15%
18 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.911% 2.960% 3.008% 3.057% 3.154%
  Annual Percentage Yield 2.95% 3.00% 3.05% 3.10% 3.20%
24 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.960% 3.008% 3.057% 3.105% 3.203%
  Annual Percentage Yield 3.00% 3.05% 3.10% 3.15% 3.25%
36 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.862% 2.911% 2.960% 3.008% 3.105%
  Annual Percentage Yield 2.90% 2.95% 3.00% 3.05% 3.15%
48 Month
  Dividend Rate 2.960% 3.008% 3.057% 3.105% 3.203%
  Annual Percentage Yield 3.00% 3.05% 3.10% 3.15% 3.25%
60 Month
  Dividend Rate 3.057% 3.105% 3.154% 3.203% 3.300%
  Annual Percentage Yield 3.10% 3.15% 3.20% 3.25% 3.35%
Boom! Certificate3
  Dividend Rate 3.251%        
  Annual Percentage Yield 3.30%        

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

1. Rates are subject to change without notice. Dividends compound monthly.

2. Penalty for early withdrawal: Terms of less than 9 months = 90 Days' Dividends; Terms of 9 months but less than 24 months = 180 Days' Dividends; Terms of 24 months and greater = 365 Days' Dividends.

3. Boom! Certificate is a youth account for ages 0-19 years. Term is 24 months. Minimum opening deposit of $250. Maximum deposit of $7,500.

4. All other certificate types (3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 month) have a $500 minimum opening deposit.

5. Magnifi Financial will waive the penalty for withdrawals of up to 10% of the opening balance one time during the term of a certificate.

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