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Direct Deposit

The Quick and Easy Way to Get Paid.

Learn more below about getting your paycheck up to 2 days early!

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Early Direct Deposit

Get paid up to 2 days early!

Magnifi Financial is excited to offer Early Direct Deposit for members. Funds could be deposited into members' accounts up to 2 days early, dependent on the ACH (Automated Clearing House) instructions received from the payer* (like your employer).

Many employers make direct deposits available before the scheduled payday. So, when Magnifi gets a notification that a deposit is on the way, we'll give members access to funds sooner than expected.

This is available for many direct deposits like paychecks, Social Security, military, tax refunds, child support, and pension payments, and more!

No need to sign up - Early Direct Deposit is available automatically for free for all Magnifi Financial members!**


*Your direct deposit is dependent on when the employer/payer sends their ACH file to Magnifi Financial. You may receive your funds up to 2 days early.
Commercial accounts do not qualify.


Direct Deposit Features:

  • Funds can be distributed into multiple share and loan accounts
  • Deposits are credited to the members account by 8:00 a.m. each day
  • Government recipients need to fill out a form 1199A (Direct Deposit Form)
  • Other recipients only need to give their employer, the Credit Union routing number (291974204) and their account number
  • Find your direct deposit account information in Digital Banking by clicking on the "Details" for your account

Magnifi Financial Routing Number: 291974204

eAlerts Know when your direct deposit hits your account with a text message or email! Learn More



Quickly sign up for direct deposit with Go DirectGo Direct

If you receive Social Security or other federal benefit payments, you can quickly sign up for direct deposit with Go Direct.

FAQs for Businesses

If your employees bank at Magnifi Financial and have direct deposit set up, they may receive their paycheck funds up to 2 days early, dependent on the ACH (Automated Clearing House) instructions received from you, the payer. This is an added benefit of banking with Magnifi Financial.

There is no financial impact or change in your processes for your business. Funds will be debited from the account on the settlement date of the file, as normal.

Not necessarily. A paycheck is not guaranteed to deposit early each pay period. It depends on when Magnifi Financial receives the business ACH file and if there are any major holidays disrupting the normal processes. There are also chances of  unforeseen circumstances which could prevent funds from depositing early. However, funds will be deposited on the normal payday which is designated by the payer.

No, the deposits will post according to the Settlement date provided by the sender.

The business that originates the ACH file will have no impact; the funds will not be pulled from their bank account until the settlement date.
Example: Johnny’s Pizza, LLC. who banks at US Bank sends their payroll file on 9/28 through US Bank with a settlement date of 10/05 (10/05 is when employees normally get paid). For those employees that bank at Magnifi, they may get their payroll as early as 10/03.

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