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Digital Banking Enrollment

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Before you begin the enrollment process, please make sure you know the primary account holder's Magnifi Financial account (member) number, Social Security Number, and zip code.
Helpful prompts will guide you through enrollment. If you have any questions along the way, refer to the information on this page or call us to speak to a Magnifi Financial representative: (888) 330-8482.

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How to Enroll in Digital Banking

Please follow the steps below to get started on your Digital Banking enrollment:

  1. Click on this link to start:  
  2. Enter the required information and click "Submit Enrollment"
  3. Click "here" to continue with the login process (this will take you to the login screen)
  4. Enter the User ID and click "Login."
    Then enter the temporary password you just created and click "Login"
  5. The next page will include disclosures. Read and then click "I Accept" to move forward
  6. Review the online profile and click "Continue." No changes are allowed on this page, however changes can be made under the Address Change page within Internet Banking
  7. Click "OK" on the pop-up message
  8. Enter the temporary password you just created in the "Old Password" field. Then create a new password and confirm the new password by typing it once more in that field. Click "Submit" then "OK" to accept the password change on the pop-up message. You will now have access to your account(s).

Download these Instructions

Need to save these instructions or print them off? Click below to download a printer-friendly PDF with enrollment directions and troubleshooting tips.



Enrollment Troubleshooting

Check example, click to enlargeWhat is my account number to use?

It is the number that is usually 4-6 digits you were given when you opened your account. You might tell this number to a Teller if you visited a branch.
You can also find your account number if you have a checkbook. Look in the MICR line starting with "81." Remove the "81" and all subsequent zeros until you reach a number other than zero. Also remove the very last number in the MICR line. Take a look at the following photo for an example.
If you do not know your account number, please call us at (888) 330-8482 or visit your local branch.

I get an error message when I try to enroll.

Make sure the password you are creating has between 8-20 characters, and must contain at least one number, as well as at least one special character. Special characters include: `~!@#$%^&*()_+-={}|[]:^;<>?,./\
If your password meets this criteria, your account may already be enrolled for online banking, please call us at (888) 330-8482 and we would be happy to assist you.
Tip: Avoid starting your password with a special character

I'm having trouble entering the Social Security Number during enrollment.

Do not use dashes or spaces when entering your SSN
You must use the primary account holder's SSN. It will not work if you are a joint member using your SSN.
Business accounts will need to use their EIN or TIN for the SSN field.

What is a secure access code?

It is a secure digital code that verifies your identity. This code is sent to your phone number listed on your Magnifi Financial account as SMS (otherwise known as text message) or as a phone call.
You will only need to get a secure access code if the device you are logging in with does not recognize you, for example, if you have never logged in from that computer previously. Only check "Register this device" if the computer or device you are using is private.

What if the phone number for a secure access code is incorrect?

Magnifi Financial will need to update the phone number on your account to your current number. Please call us at (888) 330-8482 or stop into your local branch so we can assist you.


Browser Settings

To ensure you are able to access your Digital Banking account securely, please read through the browser guidelines below and upgrade your browser if necessary.

Are you having trouble accessing Digital Banking on your computer?
Do you see a “Stronger Security is Required" message? Please update your browser by clicking on the link update link to the right. You should be able to access online banking after you update.

Why should you update your browser?

  • Security: The most important reason to update your browser is for your safety and security. With each updated browser, it becomes more secure against security threats such as phishing sites, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and other sorts of malware. To ensure your information is protected, update your browser to its latest release. Better yet, set your browser settings to automatically update when there are new releases available.
  • Experience: Newer browsers do a better job of loading faster and better. Meaning the content will look and function properly so you have the best experience possible on the webpage. If you use an old browser, it may load considerably slower and can sometimes cause your browser to crash or freeze.

How to Update Your Browser

To easily view if you are using an old browser, simply click on this link which will direct you to view the most up to date versions of popular browsers.

Browser Check

*Internet Explorer Users: Version 11 is the only version supported. Check to see if you are running Version 11 by going into the settings of your browser (gear icon in the upper right corner) and clicking on "About Internet Explorer."

Digital Banking FAQ

View some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the Magnifi Financial Digital Banking platform for your computer.

Q: I updated my Digital Banking password, will that also change my password on the mobile app?
A: Yes, the digital banking you access on a desktop computer web browser and the mobile banking app on mobile devices are one login because they are one platform. So, if you update your password on one platform, it will update automatically across all devices.

Q: Where do I enter my password on the website, it only asks for user ID?
A: You enter your user ID first, then click Login (or Enter on your keyboard) and the next screen will ask for your password. This two-step login helps increase account security.

Q: Will I always need to use a security code to log in? If so, will it be the same every time?
A: For the first time you log in on a computer or device, you will need the security code. It will not be the same code each time and the security code is only valid for 15 minutes. This is known as Multi-Factor Authentication which helps keep your account more secure. It keeps track of the IP address and/or internet provider you have logged into to further increase the security on your account. If you clear the cookies on your browser or select "Do not remember this device" then you will need to use a security code to log into your account the next time.

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